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(2008-03-02T10:29:05) Future Talk / Jazztronik
(2008-03-02T12:03:31) 手のひらを太陽に(French Ver.) / クレモンティーヌ
(2008-03-02T15:28:14) 魂の合唱/おお、武装したユダよ / 作者不詳
(2008-03-03T01:18:40) Prayer / Hayley Westenra
(2008-03-03T01:33:18) SHAMEFACED -Francois K. Remix- / COLDFEET
(2008-03-06T00:55:42) Don't Phunk With My Heart / The Bkack Eyed Peas
(2008-03-10T22:56:46) Anywhere Is / Enya
(2008-03-17T02:25:04) 夢先案内人 (Reggae Disco Rockers Remix) / eico
(2008-03-17T02:48:03) 今日も誰かの誕生日 / キリンジ
(2008-03-23T01:26:26) (ユースド・トゥ・ビィ・ア)チャ・チャ / Jaco Pastorius
(2008-03-23T23:34:32) SAMURAI / CHIE
(2008-03-24T01:25:23) The Gift / Roy Hargrove
(2008-03-30T00:47:54) Feedback / Janet
(2008-03-30T02:06:46) TORO / UA
(2008-04-06T00:03:52) Eternal Memories / Crystal Kay
(2008-04-06T00:23:46) 夜空ノムコウ (Album ver.) / 川村結花
(2008-04-06T04:21:27) Everything Happens To Me / 矢野沙織
(2008-04-06T04:30:17) Ain't No Sunshine (Album Version) / Grover Washington Jr.
(2008-04-07T00:40:05) Desperado / The Carpenters
(2008-04-07T01:38:26) Spiral / The Crusaders
(2008-04-07T02:52:49) 朝が来るまでに / SANISAI
(2008-04-13T00:40:29) River Man / Till Bronner
(2008-04-13T02:19:32) Love Song / m-flo loves BONNIE PINK
(2008-04-13T02:28:27) Just Can't Say It's Love (Album Version) / Frankie J
(2008-04-14T00:01:48) 告白 / ゴスペラーズ
(2008-04-27T02:11:53) おいしい水 / MEJA
(2008-04-27T03:42:34) Live to sing / SANISAI
(2008-05-10T22:01:51) Superstar / The Carpenters
(2008-05-19T03:50:09) Colors of Emerald / 日向 大介
(2008-05-24T22:16:44) Always On Your Side / Sheryl Crow, Sting
(2008-05-25T01:45:18) PRAYER ON THE AIR / 冨田 ラボ
(2008-05-25T02:13:02) In Case of Emergency / Sunaga t Experience
(2008-05-25T04:22:01) I Will Catch U / NOKKO
(2008-06-01T01:46:34) 茜色の約束 / いきものがかり
(2008-06-15T00:25:42) SOULS (Full Organic) / bird
(2008-06-15T06:19:42) マーメイド3000 / bird
(2008-07-05T23:18:41) CAN YOU FEEL IT / MARC ANTOINE
(2008-08-04T02:48:24) IMAGINE / GENAI
(2008-08-09T22:42:23) Heart Of Stone / Matt Costa
(2008-08-10T02:34:12) I Want It That Way / R-CROWN
(2008-09-28T00:58:18) Matt's Mood III / Matt Bianco
(2008-10-05T01:11:29) Red Song / wyolica
(2008-10-06T00:30:21) でておいで (Smooth Mix) / ACO
(2008-10-20T03:08:51) Daddy / イデハル
(2008-11-24T01:51:54) Young Folks / Peter Bjorn And John
(2008-11-29T03:40:03) Busy Relaxin' / Don Johnson Big Band
(2008-12-22T03:19:55) 君の音が聴こえる場所へ / bird
(2009-02-14T02:52:25) Drop (acoustic version) / eico
(2009-02-15T14:52:06) ルパン三世主題歌II / 奥田民生
(2009-02-28T05:36:25) A DAY IN THE PARK / 坂本龍一
(2009-02-28T05:49:18) Wanna Be The One / autumn leave's
(2009-03-02T01:28:33) K.G.O / LITTLE BIG BEE
(2009-03-22T00:27:46) 君に奏でる歌 / eico
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